Checklist for Travelling International Destinations

Everybody likes to travel be it nationally or internationally. But traveling internationally can be a different ballgame when compared to national travel. Traveling to foreign destinations can be full of excitement but at times can turn into nightmare if certain things are not taken care of. Remember you are traveling away from your homeland and in order to truly enjoy your trip and avoid all the hassles you need to plan a few things ahead. Few international travel checklist which should be considered by travelers before embarking on their international journey.

(i) Always keep extra copies of your visa and passport in all your luggages as well as check-in bags. Also leave extra copies of the same with your family and friends. This ensures that you are never short of document to prove your identity. Your luggage may be misplaced by the airline or your wallet may be stolen. But it may only occur rarely that you lose all at the same time, until then these backups will suffice.

International travel checklist

(ii) One of the important points to be considered for International travel checklist is having Travel Insurance. Make sure you compare and purchase a good travel insurance policy which covers emergency medical treatment, trip cancellation , trip interruption coverage, loss or delay in getting baggage, loss of important travel document and others. In case of any emergencies these will come to the rescue . Ensure to carry a copy of the insurance with you.

International travel checklist

(iii) If you are a cash person, then it may sound little annoying to you but there is certain limit(3000$ in case of US) on carrying cash when traveling to international destinations. A way out is either use your Credit or Debit card or get a prepaid travel card from your bank. Make sure your card is valid for international transactions else get it activated from your bank otherwise it may create a panic situation. Also make sure to carry some amount of cash in hand, as its convenient to make small payments in cash.

International travel checklist
International travel checklist

(iv) There are a list of items that can’t be taken in and out of a particular country. And to ensure this, the custom guys may open your luggage if they find anything suspicious in them. Of course the luggage goes through scanners but custom person can’t miss anything. If traveling to US ensure that you use US custom approved locks that is TSA locks. The US custom have master keys for these locks and can open the lock with ease and inspect without causing any loss to you. In case its not a TSA lock, they would break open the lock and place a note that your luggage was inspected.

International travel checklist

(v) Check with your mobile service provider weather your sim will work in that particular country or not. Otherwise purchase some pre-paid calling card or get your sim activated for international locations.

International travel checklist

(vi) Different countries have different specifications for electrical plugs and voltages. And in case you are carrying some electronic equipments , which usually everybody does, bring a charger adapter compatible with that location. Coincidently I forgot and had to purchase a new set of chargers.

International travel checklist

(vii) Always ensure to pack an extra set of clothes in your check-in bag so that you have clothes with you in case you need to freshen up and airlines misplaces your baggage or you are not able to get it in time or there is some delay in connecting flight. This also saves you money as won’t need to buy clothes immediately if your luggage is misplaced.

International travel checklist

(viii) Always bring some snacks from your home country. You may need some time to get accustomed to the food habits of the new place and may not get the food of your choice and these may prevent you from living in starvation.

(ix) Ensure to check the weather which is most likely to affect your vacation trip positively or negatively.

(x) If you are on a vacation , always plan your trip with all the necessary itinerary. Include sufficient buffer time in the plan to be ready for any inadequacies.

(xi) Take due care to book a hotel that’s in a safe area and away from troubled area.

(xii) Last not the least bring the contact information of the embassies and consulates abroad so that you can get help from them in case of any emergency including replacement of lost or stolen passport (hope this should not happen with any one otherwise you may get stuck for some time).

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